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Chemical Peels

Skin is composed of layers, with older skin cells on the surface and new cells forming in the deeper layers. Over time, the surface of the skin can be damaged from a variety of factors, from sun exposure and acne breakouts to the normal degenerative effects of aging. The tone, texture and firmness of the skin are impacted by the surface skin cells. One option to improve the appearance of the skin is with chemical peels, which we offer at MJR Dermatology in the North Atlanta, GA, area.

Chemical peel treatments use various plant extracts and natural acids that can exfoliate the top layer of skin cells. This allows new skin to form, revealing skin cells that are less damaged or discolored. There are various degrees of chemical peels, from light and medium peels that are less ablative to deep peels that can remove more skin in one treatment. When the old skin peels away, the new skin can have better tone, texture and brightness. Some of the issues that can be minimized with chemical peels include:

  • Hyperpigmentation (melasma, sun spots)
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Large pores
  • Acne and other scars
  • Dullness

Light and medium peels require multiple treatments to achieve the desired results, but there is less cosmetic downtime. With deep peels, skin cells into the dermis are removed and there is longer social downtime, but the procedure only needs to be done once for results.

Treatment for Younger-Looking Skin

While individuals of any age can undergo a chemical peel to address uneven tone and texture, one of the main reasons people seek this treatment is younger-looking skin. A deep chemical peel once a year can help stimulate collagen and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, blotchy skin and other aging issues.

Are you interested in improving the attractiveness of your skin? You may be a good candidate for a chemical peel treatment. To learn more about our aesthetic dermatology services, including chemical peels, come see us at MJR Dermatology. We are located near Gwinnett and Duluth in Lawrenceville, GA, – call today to schedule your cosmetic skin consultation.

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