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Pemphigus Treatment

Blistering skin is never a welcome sign, and it can be a symptom of an autoimmune disease. When blisters appear without cause, it could be due to the body attacking itself and destroying skin cells. Some autoimmune diseases can be very serious and need medical treatment, including pemphigus and pemphigoid. If you have blistering skin, come see us at MJR Dermatology. Dr. Matthew Reschly is a highly respected dermatologist that offers pemphigoid and pemphigus treatment and diagnosis at our medical center in Lawrenceville, GA.

What Are Pemphigus and Pemphigoid Bullous?

Both pemphigus and pemphigoid bullous are autoimmune diseases that cause the body to attack the skin, creating blisters. The exact cause of these diseases is not known – it is believed to be genetically linked and that certain environmental exposures could trigger these diseases. They appear with blisters on the skin, mucus membranes or both. This occurs when the body’s immune system mistakes certain cells in the skin’s structure as foreign, attacking a layer of skin and creating fluid-filled blisters. There is a difference between the two diseases:

  • Pemphigoid has blisters that are tougher to break – they do not easily burst when touched. They are often accompanied by itching skin with hives. This type is more likely to leave scars.
  • Pemphigus has more shallow blisters that burst easily. There tends to be more open sores, and it is harder to control this disease than pemphigoid, but it is also less common.

Both these blistering autoimmune diseases can affect individuals of any age but are more common for those over the age of 60. The first symptoms usually are pain or bleeding in the mouth, often when brushing the teeth or eating. The skin may be itchy for weeks before blisters form.

Pemphigoid and Pemphigus Diagnosis and Treatment

A biopsy is used to diagnose pemphigoid and pemphigus, determining the best treatment. Corticosteroids are usually used, either orally or topically, to send these diseases into remission. With the right treatment, both can be resolved in a few months. Since these diseases are fairly rare, you do want the expertise of a board certified dermatologist like Dr. Matthew Reschly for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Call us at MJR Dermatology to schedule an appointment at our office in Lawrenceville, GA, if you have blistering skin symptoms.

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