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Redness Treatment

When you experience redness on your skin, it is usually due to the capillaries and blood vessels that are right below the surface. Facial redness can be caused by skin conditions, like rosacea, that create inflamed or broken blood vessels, impacting your appearance. If you have facial redness and want to explore treatment, come see our skin specialists at MJR Dermatology. We offer redness treatment at our clinic in Lawrenceville, GA.

Rashes, birthmarks, spider veins and sun damage are all common causes of facial redness. Broken blood vessels can leave red marks on your skin that are especially noticeable if they occur on your face. One of the reasons spider veins and broken capillaries occur on the face is due to sun exposure. The skin becomes thinner with sun damage, making the blood vessels more visible. If you have fair skin, facial spider veins, rosacea and broken blood vessels are more common. There are also risk factors such as windburns, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and facial trauma.

Removal of Broken Blood Vessels

If you have red splotches on your face from broken blood vessels or spider veins, there are effective redness treatments. Laser skin treatments are very effective at targeting broken blood vessels and removing these red marks from the skin. The type of laser or light therapy used depends on what has caused the facial redness and the skin type of the patient. Laser treatments can improve the skin’s appearance and help reduce redness in as little as one procedure.

Facial redness treatment can be effective for improving your complexion but more broken capillaries can occur. The best preventive measure for reducing redness is protecting your skin from sun exposure. Staying out of the sun, wearing sunscreen and shading your face can help reduce the chance of red blotches appearing on your skin.

If you have broken blood vessels causing facial redness, there are treatments that can improve your skin tone. To learn more about facial redness treatments, come see our skin specialists at MJR Dermatology. Call our office in the North Atlanta area in Lawrenceville, GA, to schedule your skin consultation.

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