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Hives Treatment

Hives, or urticaria, are welts that appear on the skin, usually due to an allergic reaction. These bumps can be small or large and may be accompanied by other symptoms. In most cases, hives disappear on their own and do not need treatment, but there are chronic hives and possible risks of further complications. Dr. Matthew Reschly is a highly respected and experienced dermatologist who offers hives treatment at MJR Dermatology in Lawrenceville, GA.

What Are Hives?

Hives occur due to a release of histamine when exposed to an allergen or other type of trigger. Touching a substance that triggers an allergic reaction can create hives, or you may eat or breathe in a substance that causes a systemic reaction. Other triggers can include stress, exercise, environmental issues and temperature extremes. Hives appear as swollen welts on the skin and are usually red or purplish in color. They can be itchy, but usually are not painful.

Hives can vary greatly in size from tiny welts smaller than a dime to large, puffy areas several inches in diameter. They can appear as circles, ovals or lines, and usually disappear in less than 24 hours.

Angioedema is similar to hives and may accompany these welts. Angioedema is a swelling deeper in the skin, which often occurs around the mouth and in the facial region. Since the swelling is deeper, it can be more dangerous than hives, as it can lead to swelling around the airways.

Do You Need Hives Treatment?

Occasional hives should not be a concern as long as they disappear quickly. If they last for days at a time, or you continue getting hives over several weeks, you may have a chronic condition. In some cases, hives and angioedema are precursors to more serious conditions that can cause anaphylactic reactions, which can be life-threatening.

If you are concerned about your hives and want a professional recommendation for treatment, come see our medical team at MJR Dermatology. Contact our facility in Lawrenceville, GA, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reschly to discuss whether you need hives treatment.

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