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Vitiligo Treatment

Melanocytes are cells in the top layer of skin that create melanin, the pigments that give your skin color. If these cells are destroyed, the skin can lose its normal color. Vitiligo is a skin disease that affects the melanocytes and can create patchy areas of depigmented skin. At MJR Dermatology, we provide vitiligo treatment to help manage this chronic condition at our medical center in Lawrenceville, GA.

Vitiligo is believed to be caused by an immune system condition that causes the body to destroy melanocytes, identifying them as foreign or a threat. This disease tends to be hereditary, and it can be triggered by injuries or environmental factors. There are various forms of vitiligo that can create small or large patches of depigmented skin, usually on the face, arms, torso and legs. Vitiligo can also depigment hair or the mucus membranes in the nose or mouth.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

Vitiligo comes in different forms, from affecting almost all the skin to just one side of the body or symmetrical patches on both sides. Once vitiligo occurs, there is not a cure, but it can suddenly subside. Most people with vitiligo have the first symptoms early in life, usually as a child or before they turn 30 years of age. Symptoms can include:

  • Loss of skin pigment around body openings (eyes, nose, mouth, genitals)
  • Growing patches of depigmented skin on the arms, legs, torso or face
  • White streaks of hair on the scalp, eyebrows or beard-area
  • White patches inside the nose or mouth

Vitiligo can be difficult for many people, especially children who are developing their self-confidence. While there is not a cure for vitiligo, there are treatments that can help restore a more even skin tone and an improved overall appearance. These can include topical and oral medications, light therapy and even surgical options.

If you or your child is living with vitiligo, there are ways to combat this skin condition. Dr. Matthew Reschly has decades of experience as a board certified dermatologist and offers advanced skin treatments for vitiligo. Call us at MJR Dermatology to schedule your consultation with Dr. Reschly at our clinic in the North Atlanta, GA, area.

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