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Dark Eye Circles Treatment

When you are tired or sick, you may have dark circles under your eyes. The thin skin under the eyes can show blood vessels when you are dehydrated, tired or feeling under the weather, creating dark smudges under the eyes. Everyone can experience dark circles occasionally, but if you have chronic dark circles, it may be caused by an ongoing condition. If you are tired of looking tired, MJR Dermatology offers dark eye circles treatment at our facility in Lawrenceville, GA.

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes can be from visible blood vessels. This can occur from lack of sleep, but there are other issues that can result in dark half-circles under the eyes. Any type of upper respiratory illness may result in puffiness and circles under the eyes – colds, allergies and sinus infections are all common causes of dark undereye appearance. Contact or atopic dermatitis can also change the color of the skin under the eyes, as well as sun exposure.

Other possible causes of dark circles under the eyes include aging and hyperpigmentation. As you get older, the skin becomes thinner and the small blood vessels under the eyes can show through. Darker skin from hyperpigmentation can also occur under the eyes, as well as deep tear troughs. These issues are primarily aesthetic concerns, but there are dermatology treatments that can minimize the appearance of tired eyes.

Removing Under Eye Dark Circles

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes depends on the cause. If you have a medical issue like contact dermatitis, sinus infection, hay fever, eczema or other health conditions causing your dark circles, treatment for your illness can remedy your skin condition. If your dark circles are caused by tear troughs, hyperpigmentation or aging issues, there are cosmetic options such as laser treatments, dermal fillers and chemical peels that can reduce darkness under the eyes.

If your eyes are making you look tired due to dark skin under the eyes, there are treatments to improve your appearance. To learn more about dark eye circles treatment, contact our team at MJR Dermatology. Call our clinic in Lawrenceville, GA, to schedule your appointment.

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