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Volbella Injections

Full lips and smooth skin around the mouth contribute to a youthful and attractive smile. Thinner lips and lines around the mouth are common concerns, especially among women. Lip and facial fillers can be the solution for anyone that wants to have plump, youthful lips or smoother skin. At MJR Dermatology, we offer Juvederm® Volbella™ injections for addressing lost volume in the lips at our clinic in Lawrenceville, GA.

The lips and surrounding skin are a common area for noticeable changes as you get older. While some people are born with thinner lips, almost everyone has lips that become deflated as they age. Lost collagen and fat that shape the lips and firm the skin around the mouth can result in thin lips with vertical wrinkles in the surrounding skin, a condition called perioral rhytides. To restore thicker lips and smooth skin, lip filler injections can be performed.

Volbella is designed to be placed in and around the lips. This Juvéderm formula has smaller particles to allow it to be injected in the skin of the lips and around the mouth. Volbella is very flexible and allows for natural mouth movement while providing fuller lips and the reduced appearance of “smoker lines” around the mouth.

Lip Rejuvenation Treatment

Volbella injections are a wonderful way to restore a more youthful mouth. This filler can reshape the lips and dissipate perioral rhytides in a quick and virtually painless procedure. The injections can be completed in about 15-20 minutes, and you will see the results immediately. It is normal for the skin to be a little swollen at the injection points, but this will go away quickly. The results of Volbella can last for several months before the hyaluronic acid is broken down, at which time another treatment can be performed to maintain the desired appearance.

If you have lines surrounding your mouth or lips that are too thin, Volbella injections may be right for you. To explore lip filler options, contact our team at MJR Dermatology. Call our office at our facility in North Atlanta to make your lip augmentation consultation appointment.

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