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Scar Revision

When skin is damaged, collagen is created to heal and close the wound. Scar tissue is formed, which can look and feel different from the skin around the wound. Whether you have acne pock marks or a large surgical scar, there are treatments that can be used to minimize the appearance of these previous wounds. At MJR Dermatology in Lawrenceville, GA, we provide scar revision procedures to improve the appearance of your skin.

The skin has incredible repair capabilities. When only the top layer or epidermis of the skin is damaged, new skin cells can replace those that are damaged, and you may only have a temporary scar that disappears as the old surface cells exfoliate. When the dermis or deeper layers of skin are damaged, this is when collagen and fibrous tissue are created that leave scars on the skin. Not all scars are the same – some of the different types of scars include:

  • Atrophic – indented scars
  • Hypertrophic – raised scar tissue
  • Keloid – excessive scar tissue growth
  • Stretch marks
  • Contracture – burn scars

All scars change the appearance of the skin and some, like contracture and keloid, can restrict movement. When scars become intrusive, dermatology treatments can be used for removal or revision.

Scar Removal Treatments

Most scars cannot be completely removed, but they can be minimized in appearance, and the scar tissue can be made more flexible. The treatments used depend on the type of scar and where it is located. Small scars on the surface of the skin may be removed effectively with laser treatments or skin resurfacing procedures like chemical peels or dermabrasion. Atrophic scars can be improved in appearance with the use of dermal filler injections. More severe scars like hypertrophic, keloid and contracture scars may require steroid injections or surgical revision to improve skin function and appearance.

Dr. Matthew Reschly and our dermatology team at MJR Dermatology can create a scar revision treatment plan to improve noticeable or irritating scar tissue on your skin. To learn more about our scar treatment options, contact our facility to schedule a consultation. We are located near Gwinnett and Duluth in Lawrenceville, GA.

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